The Truth About NATLFED

June 23, 2012

Have you wondered

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Seriously, how has it managed to survive?  Really!  They used to scoff at the left that “wasn’t doing anything” and dreamed about walking into the CP headquarters signing in as chair, etc.  It’s been 41 years.  Even L took less time than that.

There is an “out” though, because what they seek has been done in other countries and in far less time.  The “out” being those countries were not major industrialized nations at the time of the change, whereas here we have the greatest of the DOB oppressing the DOP; thus we have the greatest challenge that no others could ever have imagined.

Well, they may as well go down to the headquarters and sign in because withdrawing from what is left merely serves to create this weirdness of preferring solitude over comradeship with others of an ilk sort.

It’s getting kind of late, now, and some of us don’t sleep on little foam mats on the floor.  We have a life and it’s time to get back to that.  I was somewhat disappointed to learn that a friend has gone a different direction but that’s okay, he had to clean up a mess.

I really don’t like spam, despite the jokes about the mayo.

Who wants to play a game of scrabble?


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