The Truth About NATLFED

June 23, 2012

Dear Stranger

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I am not User Ef fy.  Whatever correspondence you wish, I’m probably not interested.  As anyone can tell you, I don’t react well to people sending unsolicited and hostile e-mails that make claims where I know there is no point in dialogue.  Why no point?

Been there, done that, tried to entertain the hostile contacts with correspondence.  You know, there is one girl out there who still, to this day, has NEVER told me who she was looking for.  Hey, that’s true with another guy too.  And another, and another.  Seems to be the typical let’s bait the crazy moderator tactic that the Organization likes to use through its loyal apologists.

I don’t know who is that user but I do know this: go back to the forum, tell the dear doctor that someone is telling lies and listen to what the dear doctor says.

Now then, if you’re done, how about warning people about a group that appears on many cult watch lists?  That is, if you’re for real.  If you’re in NATLFED, well, that’s that.


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