The Truth About NATLFED

June 20, 2012

Been doing research

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I learned an interesting thing the other day quite by accident.  According to several on-line reference sites, TFWU last operated in 1986 before dissolution.  It kind of got me thinking — how the hell did that happen?

Of course, that is the disadvantage to it being associated with the Organization.  As many of you know, Vincente Eugenio Mario Perente-Ramos was designated as Business Manager (that being a complete or full version of Gino’s primary alias and a play on venceramos — did you get it? some people spell it Vicente but that’s not correct).

Okay, so it dissolved.  True, it never gained support from mainstream labor nor even UFW, which failed to organize on a national basis.  Orendain did what he could but you have to remember he did it on his own.  Even though it was associated with the Organization, it’s not like cadre were recruited and sent down to Texas.

Yeah, but what about the TFWU support groups?  If it’s dissolved, what are they really all about?  Good question.  Anyone know the answer?


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