The Truth About NATLFED

June 18, 2012

The Butler Did It

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An age-old solution to murder mysteries…

There’s been some finger-pointing lately and apparently some of it is directed against this blog.  That’s fine.  Not  true, but what can I do about it?

There is one thing the Organization does better and that is stand united for surely divided it will fall.  Of course, this is under the strict direction of a rigid apparatus, which is one of the main reasons it is classified as cult.  True, any one person can bring an appeal all the way to the top if it worked correctly but the monkeys at the top will fling feces down on you until you give up.

Who’s responsible for your actions?  You are, dear friends.  It’s time to stop the backstabbing, petty bickering and jealousies.  Quit pointing the fingers.  You’re not being asked to get organized, just stop your public pettiness and remember why you sought out the online forums.  To expose a dangerous cult.  It’s not about who had sex with whom, which seems to be the topic of e-mails.

Although, admittedly, that did come into play as some had a harem while others were serious about a commitment to chastity.

If you want to share your problems, so be it, but remember who did the feces flinging.  There is a reason those former members of the quorum of quorums do not participate in these forums (yes, there are a handful out there who were at the top, just not the topmost spot).


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