The Truth About NATLFED

June 16, 2012

Enemies, frenemies

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There are some people we associate with simply because of lack of options.  I mean, really, some of the people you work with are complete and total anus cavities.

As the pool of former cadre continues to grow, it still is not a very large pool.  Less than a thousand.  Pretty eclectic grouping of people from a variety of backgrounds.  Although, it is interesting to note that the younger generation are from less diverse backgrounds than those from the early days.

Some of us associate, and while we may embrace others as kindred spirits there are others we just absolutely cannot stand but feel compelled to work with for the purpose of warning you about an Organization that appears on numerous cult watch lists.  Kind of like the fake friends when you’re suddenly popular who go away after some faux pas is committed.

It is a bitter community, sometimes even toxic.  Tread carefully.


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