The Truth About NATLFED

June 14, 2012

Can you live with something good coming out of something bad?

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An ethical dilemma, for the Na zis conducted various experiments during the Holocaust.  Some take the opinion that research should be studied and used to benefit humanity while others decry it merely encourages others to commit the same atrocities.

So…do you really want to drop off a bag of clothes now?  After all,  you’re helping the poor farm workers.  It doesn’t really matter that you’re supporting an organization with a hidden agenda (not secret anymore thanks to big mouths like exposers as well as bloggers on this site, so we guess we can’t say hidden either).  It’s not like they tell you they’re plotting the overthrow of the DOB.

It’s an ethical dilemma you have to resolve.  It doesn’t matter what I say because you’re thinking, “Damn biased…” and pick your choice cuss word.


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