The Truth About NATLFED

June 9, 2012

East not West

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When they’re on the east coast, they are “Eastern” blah-de-blah some kinda worker.  The exception?  Western Massachusetts, but that’s pretty geographically specific.

When they’re on the west coast, they are “Western” blah-de-blah some kinda worker.

When they’re in the middle, well, seems like west still shows up in the name somewhat like midwest but that’s 50/50 cuz the other one just mentions Ohio.

Sorry for the geography lesson but someone seems a bit confused out there.  There isn’t a national farm workers association and each front is independent except for the fact that they take orders from the Organization.  But that’s another story, you see.

Here’s another interesting geography lesson.  You say you’re in Spain, totally awesome dude, but your IP pops up California.  Call me stupid and pour barbecue sauce on the front porch for I must be a hick.  And don’t start that, “Neener, neener, you track IP addresses.”  Not worth my time but I can look at the free map and go, “Uh huh, sure you’re in Spain.”


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