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June 8, 2012

I’m looking for a geek

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Yes, that’s right, a computer geek; preferably someone who built an old TRS-80.  Well, maybe not that charming of a person…

There was a lecture the Old Man gave on the evils of the Internet, particularly its origins in the DARP.  But of course my memory seems to be failing or he had it wrong because my efforts are taking me all over the place.  Well, someone has asked for information and I’m struggling here.

Not being a computer geek, I find myself bouncing around various web articles on how the internet came to be including a vice-president who claimed to have invented it.

Please send me a link or two on some reliable websites.  The point is to talk about the Old Man’s unwillingness to let the Organization use the internet based on its origins.  An interesting contradiction…he had telex, an AOL account, even once set up a modem between his office and Mike.  The field test was a little interesting.  You all know I’m somewhat of a sci-fi fan, but even I had to laugh when the test transmission from Mike was his fan novel.  I didn’t expect war and peace but still considering the political alliance at the time between the organizations I kind of expected something a little bit more professional?

And of course cabling at the time had to be custom designed, calling upon the services of a rocket scientist.

How many of you remember the old punch cards?  Oh no, the servers are taking over the world!  Just kidding.

Seriously, who invented the internet?


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