The Truth About NATLFED

June 4, 2012

No one to turn to

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You’re in an abusive situation and you know you need to get out of it.  Who do you turn to?  When you’re in a group that appears on many cult watch lists, there really aren’t many options to you.  More than likely, someone in an ordinate capacity to you is causing the abuse.  In an attempt to get help, you may try to go over that person’s head for help, but bear in mind that usually didn’t work either (it was often seen as an attempt to undermine the abuser’s position of authority over you).

The other thing to consider is that the person you were trying to get help from was actually an abuser.  Yes, there were many such persons around and still are.  Forget procedure or protocol, you would still end up with a bashed in face because there really wasn’t anyone to turn to.

How many walked out the door because of this?


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