The Truth About NATLFED

May 28, 2012

Wake Up! Current Cadre.

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Tell me what lasting changes has the Organization made for the masses since its inception in 1972?

The Leadership’s hidden agenda is to primarily to recruit cadre to work for free 18 hours a day, 365 days a year with no time off, unless you are the selected few who are permitted a “vacation.”
Hmm, sounds a bit like slave labor as a means to justify that those at the top — the Leadership reap the benefits while those at the bottom — cadre in the field slave away 18 hours a day with sleep deprivation, exhaustion; while spewing out of their mouths what they have been trained to say in an attempt to recruit the masses.

I guess you don’t mind being a slave controlled by a leadership that tells you what to do and say. SO be it

Sorry to shatter your illusion that you are making a difference  because the revolution that you have been waiting for isn’t gonna happen in your lifetime!

Isn’t it time to WAKE UP?

Whoops! I forgot that you are fighting for a revolution; to overthrow our capitalistic government at any cost.

At least they don’t tell you when and where you can take a shit.





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