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May 28, 2012

I’ve been thinking

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So THAT’S what I smelled burning!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of former cadre can still recite The Analysis or The Genesis?  They can teach IM Young, Strata Organizing and all the rest of the standard canned classes.  They can do it with the right inflections at the right moment and do it without blushing about the cuss words.  (I had to throw in that last part; apparently some current cadre are embarrassed by a few eff words.).

I don’t know of anyone who can recite The Constitution from memory.  There was one cadre that probably could, the one who did practically all of those briefings, east coasters will know his name.

Ask anyone to recite the various local strategies and they usually can for the area of their local assignment.  But ask a New Brunswick cadre to recite the WMLA strategy, then it gets a little interesting.  Of course, back in the day, I think it fairly reasonable to say that most everyone knew the general strike strategy up and down the east coast with TWOC launching TWUNJ.  Most even knew about the dam strategy on the west.

So why did the Organization call the cops on itself?  Why didn’t the cops find the guns in 1984?  (They certainly found them in 1996.).

We all know that Oldie tried escaping but ran into a couple of problems.  The ladder in the dumbwaiter had not been checked and he fell.  When he tried to get out of the dumbwaiter, someone had barricaded the exit with 50 gallon drums of dry goods.  These were things beyond his control.

But the three-day NLC directly across the street at Saint Ignatius — that was within his control.  I wonder if they still play bingo.  And calling the cops too.  The dam was not in his control simply because those on site chose to leave.  Or were ordered to leave.  No one really knows for certain except the ones who were there.  The story goes that they chickened out, unwilling to follow through with the destruction of so much property and potential loss of life.  Well, the story goes National chickened out with the general strike too, if you listen to an old New Brunswick person (National blamed New Brunswick).

Say, weren’t you going to become governor of New Jersey, GG?  Or was that SP?  Yes, there were those kinds of assignments being readied.  I don’t know how real it would have been if the Organization had really done it.  It all fell apart anyway.

I’ve been thinking about such things lately as a result of one of several dialogues with other former members.  No, these seem to be all folks after 1984 so the idea of “picking” which state you wanted to become governor of just seems too pie in the sky for one person.

Pie in the sky?  Now that seems a bit silly.  You’re in an Organization plotting to take over the world with the installation of the DOP  over the DOB and you’re afraid to be governor of, oh I don’t know, Kansas?  Now there’s an interesting contradiction.

They say that when you milk a cow, all the cream rises to the top.  So too did this happen in the Organization as the best of the best were put into positions to get ready to go for it.  When the brakes were slammed, the cream was skimmed from the top leaving the rest to slowly curdle.

Cadre left in droves, very senior ranking cadre including the Chair, God (that was a position and it belonged to David S), West Coast FC, and more.  Then there were the NY6 trials, where six ended up in prison.  Three upon release did eventually return but the others went their own ways.

What happened was a bunch of cadre being installed at leadership levels who had no experience field organizing.  They were given the EO, quoted it in traffic to entities and couldn’t figure out why the entities didn’t much care to talk to them on those long half-hour to hour-long phone calls.  Then these liaisons bitched about how their entities weren’t doing anything.

Now you have the opposite, persons who have been in the field for fifteen or twenty years who have never recruited a cadre in their entire career.  They got close, chickened out or just couldn’t do the violation.  Some of the entities look like crap.  And there are still one or two cadre only at several locations.

The new entity jumps were probably intended to infuse new energy into a dying group.  I always said Alaska didn’t count.  If the part-time cadre’s husband hadn’t been reassigned in his job, well the Organization never would have gone up there.  It’s the only part-time MBA.  Chicago and Ohio, well there were reasons for going into those areas.

What ever happened to the mushroom workers?  The tree toppers?  The Long Island Grape Workers Organizing Committee?  The committees that are supposed to spin-off from the WBC in proto-union organizing efforts that would one day make the switch from Labor I (NATLFED) to Labor II (Union).

These are just a few things I’ve been thinking of in the recent correspondence and should hopefully encourage some additional dialogue with those who have chosen to engage in it.  Egads, been a wave of such e-mails lately.  You think someone mentioned me on Oprah or something.


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