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May 27, 2012

Bring back gas rationing

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Gas is $4.29 a gallon today.  Everyone on Yahoo is complaining about gas prices and the article that claims prices are lower.  Really?  Who’s kidding whom?

I remember when gas first hit $1 per gallon, just a small kid in a station wagon listen to griping parents.  Then there was the rationing.  Odd days for odd numbered license plates and even days for even numbered license plates.  Kind of sucked when it was the 31st followed by the first.

People with vanity plates didn’t care because “Dumb Ass” isn’t odd or even.  At least until enough people griped about it and legislators decided A-M was odd, N-Z was even.  So “Dumb Ass” became odd man out after all.

Come on, bring back gas rationing.  Those front organizations need your help.  They’re struggling to keep gas in their tanks to get to unit meetings and can’t settle on leaving with $20 anymore.  They need like $70 or $80 dollars depending on how antiquated (crate) their vehicle is.  It’s the one activity they can’t sucker someone to drive them to/from, y’know.

Just saying…


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