The Truth About NATLFED

May 26, 2012

Turn on the lights

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It’s hard to see in the dark.  Ah, that’s much better.

It amazes me all the things I didn’t know about yet now I do, things that were happening that I was completely unaware of; yet trapped in a microcosm of disaster, petty squabbles and yes, someone’s constant fooling around

I see things differently today than I did fifteen years ago.  Of course, I’m much older.  Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age but sometimes.

I was reminded of the five-year plans.  Well, not that anyone reminded me but it came up in a recent correspondence.  That was the significance of 1984, just as was the significance of 1979 as agreed to in 1974.  Dates are a little goofy because the timetables were arrived at in spring.  Some of you are thinking March 15 the Ides but not quite.

I don’t believe they still feign five-year plans.  After the failed date, well, it’s kind of like the religious who predict the end of the world on a certain date and then it doesn’t happen.  Boom!  Comes along a magical vision and then it’s sometime in the future.  Well golly gee, I’ll be dead, buried and resurrected before their end of the world comes to fruition.

Well, maybe waving a pitchfork.  Some people are convinced I’m going to suffer the second death.  There really isn’t eternal burning in hell but Dante made such an impression that people like to think there is.

Any event…I digress.

I would be curious to know what revelations you had after your exit, whether if immediate or years later, self-realization or someone hit you on the head with a mallet.


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