The Truth About NATLFED

May 13, 2012

Stealing from the Moon

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How many of you remember riding on a PRO run in the burroughs and either did it yourself or sat by as the driver did it?  Or perhaps saw the return of the PRO run with an usual prize?  You guessed it — flowers stolen from the Moonies.

Childish antics or seriously following a directive?  Well, it wasn’t a directive.  I saw one such theft where the cadre expertly coaxed the girl in just the right way and time such that the red light turned green and he sped off with the entire bouquet.

Wow, what a bunch of bad asses.  You know that girl probably got in a lot of trouble with her cult for losing the bouquet.  They probably beat the shit out of her or something.

There were often petty acts committed in the name of the revolution.  We don’t pay no stinking parking tickets!  That’s why the City started towing vehicles including the beloved limousine.  And probably the people who the cars were registered to ended up having bench warrants issued for their arrests for failure to pay, failure to appear, etc.

This was part of the lifestyle.  If you were serious about the revolution, you weren’t going to let a few parking tickets stand in your way.  And let’s face it, you were entitled to park wherever you wanted.


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