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May 2, 2012

Endorsing others

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It doesn’t matter much if I endorse someone.  At least as far as this topic is concerned.  Whether I say yea or nay, someone comes back to me and cries, “LIAR!”

So why’d you ask in the first place?

I do recommend certain cult awareness websites, that is true and a while ago withdrew one recommendation after hearing certain rumors (and seeing certain things that caused doubt in my imaginary mind).

The bottom line is that most of you are adults (some of you are children that happen to be in adult bodies so grow up, move out of your parents’ basements, etc.).  Do the proper research so that you can make an informed decision.

Of course I’ll tell you to steer clear.  I’ve never pretended to be neutral on this subject and heck that’s more honest than Wi ki pe dia which states neutrality is disputed.  Yeah, I know, a few folks have put in some serious work and if you look at the article today it’s in a lot better shape than it was several years ago.  But it still ain’t neutral.

This isn’t to piss off the wi ki folks but someone quoted something as if it were straight from the mouth of God and proceeded to tell me to fix wi ki.  What, you clearly have a computer, you have an internet connection if you’re e-mailing me, YOU go and fix the wi ki.  I don’t know how to fix it; I just complain about it every now and then.

Seriously, it is better than a few years ago but I do get frustrated when people make assumptions that I’m the  nefarious mastermind behind the “ex” movement.  I’m not that smart, I don’t have that much time and I’m not some movement leader — just a crazy person spouting off on some days, talking about what went on inside the group on other days, and more.

I’ve been doing this alone for far too long to worry about endorsements.  Either you’re interested enough to follow this blog/check it out from time to time or you’re not interested.  I get enough one-hit wonders from people researching manipulators but I do get a handful of people who visit the site for lengthy duration.  Must be getting something out of it.

The group does not maintain much web presence.  Certain fronts are dipping their toes in the pond like the printers and one MBA.  Thanks to the pioneer ex-cadres, the web was already highly alerted to the group’s hidden agenda long ago.  I’m not a pioneer and I don’t have a callistoga wagon.

I do like pizza.


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