The Truth About NATLFED

May 1, 2012

Surviving or living

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When discussing this group, some people cannot bear to admit they are survivors.  Why?  They consider themselves strong persons and it is a weakness to admit they were in a group many call cult.

We’ve discussed manipulators and abusers in previous articles.  Not everyone who joined was such a person but there were a fair few.  Certainly, there are those who left that are still ingrained with the training and continue to be both manipulative and abusive.

That is why many forums discussing this group end up completely toxic.  The snake venom drips all over the place (remember the logo).

I remember a particular parade in NJ and the dress code was white shirt/black slacks or skirt.  The red banner was carried and participants walked silently, not even distributing leaflets.  The parade was supposedly televised to South America and it was a “hidden message” to those viewers who would immediately understand it was a statement from a communist group.

Say what?

Now that I think about it, that makes little sense.  Either my understanding and remembrance is off, or what was explained is a bunch of hogwash.  Why make that statement internationally yet deny it locally?

I fully expected marching in such a parade to be a huge recruiting event.  Now, don’t tell  me otherwise.  You’ve all been to parades where people give out candies with their groups’ names on them, brochures, business cards, whatever.  It was more important to make the silent statement.

So I must re-examine what really happened.

Thank you all for not poking fun lately at those who suffered various forms of physical abuse while in the group.  There was nothing imaginary about it and some people paid dearly.  It is my opinion that those who mocked or denied such things are simply in denial over what they used to do.  Maybe still do.  Not every recruit was completely innocent and naïve when they joined.

Do you consider yourself living?  Or merely surviving?  It’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer — to yourself; need not reply to any post whether it be public or private.

And yes, I’m well aware of the difference between those who weren’t in it very long versus those who invested a number of years.  Let’s not forget that some people were in it since 1973 (you know the names of those founders) and went running away in the middle of the night during the post 1984 period.

Some people say duration doesn’t make a difference but I beg to differ.  Some people say if you were left-leaning before joining that doesn’t make a difference but again I differ in opinion.  The Old Man conned even the most devout M-L (both theoretically and practically bent) into joining, legitimizing the movement.  There’s a reason he went to “home-grown” M-L.

Read the books now and maybe you will see just how twisted they became in the hands of a manipulator.  Oh, someone’s going to cry foul and say, “Aha, you’ve got it wrong again, missy!”

It’s time to go back to living.


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