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April 30, 2012

Story vs HiStory

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A couple of folks have politely laughed at the seeming gullibility of recruits who bought certain stories “hook, line and sinker” that the O used to tell.  There’s no doubt that history is written by the winners so does that mean that stories are written by the losers?

Some would say that time will tell.

I must say that the founders were especially creative folks but certainly they had an agenda, which was to start an organization.  Much like a person writing in a certain genre in a certain way (those that are scoffed at and not taken seriously) they inserted themselves into the various stories of the past and histories of the past.

Even today, a cadre will speak about having been to Cuba and we know these people never set foot there.  They went to x, y or z and did a, b or c.  Someone pointed out that David and Margaret didn’t really go to the places that I always understood they were sent to with the purpose of presenting the analysis, so what those places said couldn’t really be so.

I don’t know if they really went or not; I wasn’t around during that time period but certainly I didn’t doubt it when IN you see.  It wasn’t something that you asked, “So did you really go to the USSR and what did the party say?”

It kind of shakes you up a little.  Makes you question everything that the group ever told you.  Of course, that’s what some of us are doing anyway but still that was almost a cornerstone, a pillar that held up the group and now it’s crumbling down.

I don’t mind mysterious persons sending me e-mails.  I do whine about the hecklers and let’s face it, you need some jerk to remind you every now and then that if it’s worth his time to heckle you then you must be doing something right.  A couple of hecklers but several very serious contacts lately.

That’s because this blog is getting back on track with its self-determined purpose.  Maybe that’s why visits are back up and e-mail subscribers have finally started unsubscribing.  Someone is getting something out of all this and it’s called getting better.

Well, not all persons but you know you can only do what you can.  I think people have realized that the hecklers formula just is too formulaic and they know to hit the trash can.

Keep writing the history, dear friends.


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