The Truth About NATLFED

April 24, 2012

It was bad before leaving not after

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A person’s perception of when the group became a cult varies depending on his/her experience.  Some say day 1.  Others assign time frames such as up to the infamous date it was legitimate and then went sour.  Still others hold onto the belief it didn’t go sour until after the Old Man died.

Whatever your point of view, that’s fine.  What’s important to remember is when you finally realized it was a cult.  Such realization rarely happened when you were in it to win it, you see, but some were savvy enough to figure it out while the rest of us had an after-the-Organization “Duh” moment.

This is probably why the question of if/when it became a cult is such a divisive topic within the ex-community.  It takes individuals to make up a community, unless you’re a drone without free will serving the queen of course.  And individuals experience things differently.

So the “I could’ve had a certain tomato based drink product” moment differs from individual to individual.

Thank you to a former member for helping me to clarify this point.  It’s not that post someone’s death did the realization set in or even post the infamous date.  The realization didn’t set in until several years later, at least for me, and even struggling to understand how it happened the perception seemed to be after the failed date.  In my mind, of course.

When it became a cult is an interesting topic.  How people arrive at that is just as interesting.

There are still those who, to this day, believe it isn’t a cult.  I’m not necessarily talking about those still in it.  One guy is absolutely insistent it’s a legitimate movement that lost its way.

Does this help?  This isn’t a baiting question for a troll, you see.  Some people are honestly looking for help.  Others want to hit you over the head and say, “Dummy, cult from Day One.”  Just drop a note if so inclined.


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