The Truth About NATLFED

April 12, 2012

A calm moment

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Sometimes you have to just step back to take a look at something because you’re just too close.  Other times, you need the help of someone to look at something with you.

As always, criticisms of this blog are appreciated.

I guess I’ve been a little too “crazy” lately because of e-mails calling me a liar, inventing stuff, then my trying to e-mail back only to find the account has been closed.  Who has the time to do all that?  I certainly don’t.

I tried to take a break from it but somehow it kept getting out of hand.  I will try harder not to let it get to me.  I realize that manipulative persons are good at what they do, better than my handling of them.

NATLFED appears on numerous cult watch lists.  Cult recovery is not an overnight process.  Some people seem perfectly normal after their exit and others need professional help to sort out things.

There are those who say it isn’t a cult, was never a cult, it’s a political organization.  Others say it started out as a legitimate movement in the beginning but lost its way and became a cult.  Still others say it started out from Day One as a cult.

It’s interesting to note who believes what.  As a general rule, those who started out in the beginning feel it was a real movement.  You know the old timers, those from back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, including several founders.

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