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April 11, 2012

Must be doing something wrong…

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…cuz there’s no spam lately.

That’s kind of an ongoing joke.  When I’m constantly adding to the site, the spam goes up, Up, UP!  When I’m just too wore out and kind of neglect writing duties for a week or so, the spam goes DOWN, Down, down.

Manipulators, abusers, toxic persons, poisonous asps — these types of things haunt survivors.  Why?  They hone in on a weakened individual.  This is where the O says there is strength in unity.  Okay, one of me and one hundred or so of them.

I beg to differ.

You don’t need toxic persons during the recovery process.  You should have a support network because…wait, feeling mighty alone at the moment.  I remember a terrible incident as a child involving stitches and a woman who said welfare trash didn’t deserve better.  Another incident of being held under the water because the sprinkling of oil and water “didn’t really count”.  Another incident of waking up to find out life was just starting.

Seems like interesting ramblings but you have to remember I’m recovering not recovered.  Apparently, I’m still not worth much for pursuing this endeavor but then again someone needs to just shut the hell up and tend to its own problems.

When cadre are in the Organization, they are taught how to play the games.  Once out, well, old habits are apparently hard to break (especially those who became quite good at those games) because someone is playing a game of chess.  I’d rather resign the game and let it claim victory  just so that it shuts the hell up.

I’m working on another project but hope to be done soon such that more regularized writing habits can fill your e-mail boxes as you receive notices upon notices of new articles.

Dear Edith,

Thank you for your inspiration.


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