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April 3, 2012

Looking for Adventure

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Ah yes, that feeling of exhilaration of doing something beyond “the norm”.  Some people go bungee jumping, others race horses.  Whatever your thing.  There are also those who look deliberately to defy their parents.

I guess that’s kind of more the norm these days.  As kids are taught independence, they decide it’s okay to give their parents the finger and do whatever they want.

There was a time that the thing to do was go off and join some type of movement.  Let’s face it: in the very early days of the Organization, it was very exciting.  They were trying to figure out how to burn potatoes, among other things.  The IM Young strike lasted three years with the court decisions that gave status to a labor organization of a new type.

I wasn’t there at the beginning but the old timers will tell you what it was really like.  I can only tell you of the time we canvassed in Brentwood and signed up a cop as a member using a pitch that talked about the rampant problems of police brutality.  Now that took chutzpah.

There are those who are looking to make a difference and they’re flocking to movements like OWS.  The old just watch and wonder how to capture from this interest into their ranks.

In some ways, I rather wish Diane were still around because I’m sure that she would have some rather excited analysis about the entire situation whether it be rational or ranting.  Yet let’s not forget that her adventure took her into the travelers, another group that some call cult.

I’ve often wondered of the types recruited in recent times.  Mostly because the recent exits, despite the age of the person, have been persons who just weren’t in it all that long.  If they were thrill seekers, they didn’t find that; curiosity seekers, well that was either satisfied or the cat was killed; whatever the reason.

Discussions about the Organization are just about non-existent these days.  That’s okay.  Maybe, just maybe, so too will become the group.

If you’re going to do the research, do it properly.  Don’t just take my word for it, nor take the word of others out there.  Listen to what everyone has to say and you will see that we can only agree to disagree on a varied number of points.  And you know, that’s okay, because we do know ever crime scene witness will have something slightly different to say to the investigators about what went down.

Now then, I suppose that’s all for tonight.  I’m looking forward to an e-mail box full of crap tomorrow.  If you’re trying to MLM me using Twit, forget it.  If your twits are all about busty gals, forget it too.  Sometimes I do come up with a reasonable twit and hopefully those of you that follow appreciate those words.

What ever happened to Peppermint?  (This reference is directed at a specific audience member who better know the meaning.).


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