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March 30, 2012

What Is Solidarity?

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According to our friends at American Heritage Dictionary:

A union of interests, purposes, or sympathies among members of a group; fellowship of responsibilities and interests: “A downtrodden class … will never be able to make an effective protest until it achieves solidarity” (H.G. Wells).

Many times cadre signed official communications (both internal “traffic” as well as communiques to the outside) using the phrase, Love & Solidarity.

Certainly, back in the early days there were many efforts to achieve solidarity with other left groups.  Most cadre will refer to alliances with LaRouche as well as PLP.  There was a certain amount of selfishness too on the Organization’s part, especially with the take over and eventual dissolution of the Unemployed Workers’ League.  There were exaggerated claims of wildcat strikes but unions in relations with the Labor II Fraction maintained solidarity (Oren dain and Barn es in particular).

I heard the word used today in a rather different forum, one that caught me unawares doing some research.  The sirens started shrieking in my head.

Wait a minute — get a grip, fella.  The Organization doesn’t own that word.  It preaches it, pretends to practice it, but doesn’t own it.  Period.  Whatever they want with OWS, it feigns solidarity but the Organization has an agenda and wishes to take over OWS.  I think the people in OWS are a little too smart to let that happen.

While the Organization scoffed at the division within the left, it has become isolated from the left.  Perhaps a result of better fewer but better; yet the fewer aren’t achieving the desired outcome those who dared to struggle aimed for with the infamous date.

The date.  Let’s not rehash that one except to say that “critics” like to poke fun at those who actually thought they would become governor of New York etc.

The Old Man promoted solidarity but with a key-note to remember: that the Organization was the hegemonic force, the leaders that others would follow.  I think that’s been forgotten.  There’s no hegemony if you’re not really doing it.

That brings it back to the question that drives various forums crazy on the NATLFED subject: is it a cult or a misguided movement?  Some say cult from day one, others say it started out legitimate and lost its way, others still say it’s just misguided completely.

What are your thoughts?


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