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March 18, 2012

Remembering the Old Man

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I’ve been struggling with this topic as today is the anniversary of the Old Man’s death.  Somehow, dying three days after his favorite date seems rotten luck for the Old Man.  Some say that if he had gone to a hospital, he could have been properly taken care of instead of tended to by an inept “medical officer” who fancied himself a physician’s assistant.

But then again, going to a hospital would have meant drug rehab and breaking him of those habits.

Things dramatically changed after the failed date.  There were no more NLC’s (except the one when Oldie tried to bring them back).  I think the comeback failed because no one seriously took the man in a wheelchair as a labor leader except devoted cadre who pitied what had happened to him during the raid.

One family member once made a comment about that wheelchair, having been invited to Oldie’s office and beckoned to sit in it while he lay on the couch.  She said it was meant to give her the feeling of being infirmed, I think.  I can’t really remember too clearly and I’m unable to find the reference on the web.

How many cadre were meant to sit in that chair to feel the same way?

His death brought together two physicians that had never previousl met — Dr F and Dr L.  Of course, Dr L was the one who had contacts that were accustomed to dealing with discreet.  He found the funeral home that found the SAG card with the SS number.  A former Suffolk OPS found a “relative” that allowed his burial in the same cemetery as that of Polly.

I remember how tall he was; I remember how that stature changed after the wheelchair.  I had no objection to his dying his hair or such.  Several did; some to be the blonde security dumbos but really quite clued in to things, others just to hide their gray and one to pass as a certain ethnicity instead of another.

He chastized those with charisma but he relied on charisma to get what he wanted.  Such a contradiction.  There are many who still don’t see it.  It was 1995 and he finally died; eleven years after the failed date.  A long time to hang around with a dwindling core of dedicated persons.  The greatest exodus of course happened during the several months after the failed date.  What remained?  Those with hope and those with greed.

Just an interesting take on the anniversary.


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