The Truth About NATLFED

March 4, 2012

Dare to Share, Dare to Care

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I was reading a great work of fiction sprinkled with some poetic license.  I felt like a formula dime novel detective, “Aha!  The butler did it!”

Who are we?  Well, in the words of a critic, “me, myself and I” as some sort of sufferance of DID.

Really now — who are we?

We are a community of ex-cadre.  Not all of us hold the same opinions nor can we agree on whether or not our former group is a cult.  Some of us don’t trust those who weren’t there at all, especially when they try to lecture us on what they say really happened.  Others don’t trust the security of open forums as yes, the Organization does have persons monitoring those groupings.  The smart ones, however, are the ones who found others and quietly network.  Yes, that’s true, but you’re not supposed to know about it…it’s a secret, you see.

You know, it’s been an interesting year.  Something about the anniversary of the failed date just triggers something in persons.  There are discussions about the why it failed, but also discussions that seem purely in reaction to the other discussions.  If that makes sense.

There is another date coming up that is of importance, one marking the death of a founder.  If you dare to share and dare to care, please drop a line in the discussion board.


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