The Truth About NATLFED

March 2, 2012

You can’t beat a manipulator

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When face to face with a manipulator, it’s very difficult to win.  After all, they have years of practice coupled with tons of charisma.  All you can do is hope that the truth is strong enough to get you through, but a true manipulator knows how to twist the truth in all different directions.  Just sprinkle enough of “what sounds about right” on top of the pile of stuff and the manipulator applies charisma — voilà!

Some people buy into the party line.  Other left groups murmur about the Organization, which has become so standoffish that they thought it finally died out years ago.  That’s why OWS is a surprise to them.  What does the O want to do with it?  Take it over by infiltrating it using innocent sounding front operations.  Who could denounce medical professionals wanting to help poor persons, especially in a time when so many people lack health insurance.  Nuns aren’t whores either.

Recently, I’ve lost touch with a fellow blogger.  Not sure what happened but hoping everything is okay.  In the meanwhile, there is important work to be done.

PS: Stay away from the Organization.  It’s bad for your health.  Don’t believe me?  There’s a long list of dead cadres who succumbed to treatable illnesses that were not treated (or not treated soon enough).  Thinking of you, P.


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