The Truth About NATLFED

February 19, 2012

It’s time

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As I wonder of things past, I look at today and where I will be tomorrow.

It’s true that those who suffered the experience still experience the scars.  No matter how “normal” you appear, there’s always something.  That’s why the ex community is so messed up; people with too much baggage and sooner or later it comes to bite you in the ass.

It really is time to do a better job of working together.  Someone is targeting the ex community, stripping it down and breaking it apart; sounds like a cadre to me but then again it could just be sick bastard with his/her own agenda that happens to coincide with the O’s agenda.

One single sheet of paper is easy to tear.  Try ripping apart a big city phone book.  No fair cheating doing it one page at a time, you’ll still get to it sooner or later; I’m talking about the gorilla contests of the olden days with guys showing off their muscle power.

Maybe it’s a fool’s dream to think such a thing could happen; but someone’s out there ripping apart that phone book one page at a time.


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