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February 11, 2012

I figured it out

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It’s all about me…time to be selfish…time to stop thinking of others.  If I’m ever going to become a better person, I have to get rid of all this dead weight.

That’s the criticism in today’s e-mail.

Mm, I see.

So, I should stop what I’m doing, let the blog fade away and no longer be the siren that warns away innocents from the O…

The O is starting to test the internet waters.  Ever see the Boston site lately?  Check it out.  Not to mention AC.  Even they can’t ignore the fact that people use the internet.

Now, the pioneers who first set across the mysterious WWW started the original discussions about why NOT to join the O.  Some forums have been open for a decade.  Probably the O figured that saying nothing was worse than saying something.  At least if you say something, you can say all the crap on the web is a bunch of bull pie pudding promulgated by “them” (the enemy, for those of you too much in a hurry to check that article).

Ah yes, the mysterious “them” as the enemy.  How many of your family members were so classified?  How many weren’t and what was the reason?  If your family was well to do, on the one hand they were “them” but you still wanted to fleece their wallets on behalf of the DOP.

Those who moderated this blog were classified as “them” and I guess I’m still “them” even though I’ve been “neutralized” by all the “factual reporting” of a DID diagnosis (made by a cadre with zero medical training except a handy dandy PDR).

Still, I struggle every day as something creeps onto my agenda that has something to do with either this blog or the other.

There are no free rides.  I might have bumbled into this with my eyes shut but now I know…and surprise!  Baste me, stick a fork in me, check the temperature and pull me out of the oven because I am done!

(Sorry, apologists, not done with the blog.).

This is not an article in the Aesophian.  I know that former cadres as well as current cadres know which ones are in the Aesophian.

Just the ramblings of a crazy person that you seem to like to read because you keep coming back.


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