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February 7, 2012

Unfair to you and I’m sorry

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I’ve been so tired lately and just not keeping up with the blog.  For that, I apologize.  I’ve been criticized for not having a life.  Maybe that’s true; just too many things to take care of that I forget to take care of myself.

I feel a little short tempered with the harassing e-mails.  I just want to toss in the towel and you know, in a sense, adding the troublesome pests to the spam filter is just how it’s going to be from now on.  I just don’t have the time to engage in back-and-forth with persons that clearly don’t want anything except to harass me.

There are a couple of serious questions on the table including MWA and POC, but those who were there just aren’t interested in contributing.  So people are left with my understanding of POC and the shuttling of drugs from one coast to the other, even though it was probably more than that.  As for MWA, started by a cadre who had personal business in Chicago.

Too crude, too unfair.

On the lighter side, the WBC President is fine and security measures taken up to prevent any further harassment by local cadres for her role in helping one get out.  Yes, an interesting dilemma, what to do when your prez starts helping cadres out but there’s no other cadres you can declare prez; the rules are clear, must be at the very least FOP.

The RR will more than likely be taking a break, debriefing recent events but no serious new inquiries (except about former Rochester OPS, and unofficially she might still be in at NOC, categorized as unresolved but hopefully soon case closed).

The recent wave was triggered by the onset of the holidays and now that those days have passed by (in whatever shape or manner for your particular household) it seems that those interested in getting others out have curbed their efforts temporarily.

It’s time to take a break.

A major anniversary is approaching.  It was never about the Ides of March; it was deliberately the 15th of February.  Damn, Shakespeare and he who loved him so for his own gain and glory as leader!

Seriously…looking for other recollections.  You have to remember that was the day we were going for it…down to the folks at the dam ready to blow it in the name of the DOP.  But then what happened?  A lot of cadres walked out the door when it didn’t happen.  Those who stayed were a mere fraction of the group (no pun intended).

Maybe the day will come when this blog can retire…which means the group finally disbands and everyone goes home (a far preferable solution than the kool aid option Oldie used to joke about).

First, visibility is set to private before publishing.  Once published as private, go back to visibility and set to public.  This prevents the notifications to persons that there is a new article.  Why go to such trouble?  Well, why sign up for a blog when you totally disagree with the authors, call them liars, say they’re full of shit but damn the torpedoes you want to know when the next article comes out.  Makes little sense to me.

Just too many things on my mind tonight but that’s okay.  It’s better than just one thing on my mind (that’s when it gets really lonely).  I’m thinking of dying my hair.  Should I go for dragon red?


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