The Truth About NATLFED

February 4, 2012

If you don’t believe, go somewhere else

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Ah, what a story!  It’s all lies!

If you don’t believe it, go somewhere else.

I get a little tired of people saying it’s all lies and then those same people signing up for the mailing list, just so they can be sure to read the next exciting article.

Of course, it’s not all lies and that’s why they come back.  They don’t necessarily agree with everything and that’s their opinion, you see.  The cry of the apologist, “Pathological liar!”  How many former cadres were so accused?  Dare to step out of line and there it was.  Or the ever favorite, “Crazy!”

Now, there were some crazy people but that was mostly due to the conditions and subjugations of those in rank and status.  Plus the shipping of psychiatric medicines to administer to persons, to be administered by persons without a single shred of medical training except maybe reading something out of the PDR that best suited the political agenda of the group.

Iron pills, huh?  Learned a valuable lesson.  Look up little red triangular pills with the tips rounded and see what you come up with; it sure as hell ain’t iron pills.

You don’t believe me, fine; I don’t believe you when you say you’ve talked to people.  You’ve only talked to one person, and she’s IN the group, you bloody idiot.  So go cry boo hoo she won’t post my comments.

Just who the hell are you looking for?  I’ve been doing this dance for several months and still you won’t say; you just say it’s all lies, what the hell am I doing, blah de blah and so forth.

Go to the Ross forum.  Oh wait, you were banned.  Oh no, they won’t let you say your crap there so why should I let you say it here?

Your address is being added to the spam filter.  I’m done, I’m tired, the conversations are going nowhere, you’re wasting my time.


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