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January 20, 2012

Occupy WS and Womens Press Collective

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What’s the relationship?  Women’s Press Collective is wanting in on the OWS movement.

First, let’s clarify.  There is a Women’s Press Collective in San Francisco that is NOT affiliated with NATLFED in any way, shape or form.  The link will take you to the Wiki article on Judy G.  How NATLFED came up with its own WPC in Brooklyn, I’m not entirely sure.  I would need a former WPC cadre to chime in and explain the history.  It’s certainly possible Oldie thought he’d steal it, borrow it, take it over, whatever, or maybe there was some kind of history.  Maybe the Brooklyn “founder” had ties with San Francisco way back when but by the late 1970’s there definitely were no ties.

WPC in Brooklyn is affiliated with CPUSA(P) but not openly.  Often, NATLFED is used interchangeably with CPUSA(P) and I’m just a little tired tonight so I’ll let you look at the fractions piece to see how it ties in to the Organization.

Is it a legitimate left organization or a cult?  That’s up to you.  I believe in the early days it did strive to be a legitimate left organization, even the hegemonic force, but devolved into a cult that now preaches passive revolution.  Others say it was a cult from day one.  Still others say I’m full of it and it is legitimate.

NATLFED does claim to be hegemonic, pretty much says the rest of the left is full of slackers, bull shitters, sit on their bums, all talk no walk, etc.  One recently exited cadre informed me that NATLFED claimed to its organizers that it was the motivating force behind OWS.

I believe, and this is my opinion, they want IN the OWS, maybe even having pipe dreams of taking it over like in the heyday yesteryear when they took over the Unemployment League and then promptly disbanded that group.  Oh, I’m sure others will weigh in on this and I’d love to hear your comments.

Of course, there’s one person that will run around saying this blog is all lies and I’m full of it…but I’m sure we all know an apologist when we see one.

DOP — do they even sing the songs anymore?


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