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January 18, 2012

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

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Did you ever have one of those days where everything just went wrong?  Very frustrating, I know, but one must move forward.  I dutifully check everything in spam just to make sure it really is spam, always on the lookout for daemons, triple checking to make sure e-mails have sent without failure notices.

It doesn’t seem enough.  It seems too much.

I suffer a deplorable lack of personality.  Very bland, almost vanilla.  Most people tend to ignore my crazy ramblings, which is a good thing.  And here’s the flip side — I tend to get a lot suspicious of those take too much of an interest (must be a hidden agenda of some sort, you see).

I feel plagued by requests that just aren’t sincere.  I don’t have much time to devote to this and some are asking that I waste that precious little moment or two on delightful banter about how I’m a liar or not helping anyone or just flat out wasting their time by making them read this blog.

Uh, hello, if you don’t want to read this blog then stop visiting.

One thing I refuse to do and that’s give up my contacts.  There are those who want the benefit of working with a protected network, one not easily hacked.  I’ve been criticized for this.  Well, to heck with you, especially if you’re just a red herring looking for a delicious worm to nibble upon.

Healing journeys take time.  If this blog is “too much” for you to handle, go to Ross, Knapp, Freedom, etc.  They’re the professionals, and I’m just rambling half the time.

Reminder: unfunded network means no money.  You’re better off panhandling at the freeway exit ramp.  It was never about the money, doing what the collective we do (by that, I mean those who used to participate in this amusing little forum along with those who currently do).  Okay, someone had free unlimited long distance phone calls and made a few calls on someone’s behalf but that someone isn’t me.

The front organizations are running their winter survival campaigns.  I’ve mentioned the contradiction in that, survival but someone always seems to die.  It’s not about helping people survive; it’s just another way to raise money and recruit cadres while demonstrating (no matter how limited) relief efforts within the communities.

Oldie used to make some outrageous claims, which cadres accepted lock, stock and barrel (is that the right expresion?).  Does the FBI file really say that the Boston entity feeds more people blah, blah, blah?  I think enough people here have read the file and just don’t see a reference…maybe it was redacted.

I don’t know much about things in general.  Some day, I’m going to build a set in my basement and act out little TOS fan fic…just kidding, but there’s at least one person out there who thinks that’s what I’d rather be doing.  I like the original BSG, despite the Mor influence they really weren’t pushing those books but did push basic values (until it went all goofy after the law suit settled).

I rather enjoy B movies.  Yeah, you can see the strings on the spider but who really cares?  It’s a B movie.  Some B movies have been re-made into class acts grossing lots of dollars.

I still have open queries on MWA as well as former Rochester OPS.  Just looking for information, you see.  MF stands for master file, you see, but what if someone asked, “What ELSE does MF stand for?”  Then what would have good ol’ RM replied?  And would the lawyers have snickered?

Sigh…sometimes I get a little burnt and I’m feeling that way right now.  There’s just too much to do and not enough time.  Maybe we should adopt a Car das calendar (26 hours a day).  Or the weird dudes Bob and unpronounceable, how many hours in their day?

Since this blog has come under fire, the burnt out old farts have gone elsewhere but a new crop of visitors come.  Checking on OWS, what’s the latest rant, what’s the latest crap er I mean exaggeration er wait it’s really the truth but it’s so strange that people think twice.

It’s time to get some shut eye.  Don’t forget my “MO” — if I don’t like what you say…


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