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November 19, 2011

Not leaving in droves but not staying put either

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Since the inception of the railroad, eight persons abandoned their posts with entities.  All done through talking and correspondence.  You don’t even need to hire a professional deprogrammer.

The moldy oldies remain, of course, some having devoted over twenty years of their lives and blindly staying put.  There’s nowhere else for them to go, more than likely, having burnt off all connections with families and such.

So by all means…keep criticizing this blog, especially the moderators.  It seems when we suggest someone to post to the Ross forum, he/she/it chickens out.  Why?  Well, you see, that’s a moderated forum (this is a moderated forum too but I’m denying freedom of speech).  Ross doesn’t put up with the garbage.  Why should I?

This little “barf” of a response will have to suffice, dear Auntie Kult.  It’s been three days.  Your e-mail didn’t come back daemon, but you chose not to respond.  If you want someone to post your garbage, heck she’ll even do it without editing, go to Donna’s blog.

PS: The person you are looking for is NOT one of this site’s moderators.  You can blame Donna for that bit of misinformation.


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