The Truth About NATLFED

October 30, 2011

Something strange

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Someone gave me an e-mail account.  I know, it’s bizarre.  I received an e-mail from a site with a password reset link.  Never had one on this particular site so curiosity killed the cat.  I found that the account was inactive for probably several years but there were some old conversations neatly stored away in folders.

There was no harm in reading the stuff; clearly, that’s what someone wanted me to do.  I figure that was his or her way of giving me the account, through a password reset.  Most sites first send an e-mail to you confirming that you want to change your password recovery e-mail address.  Nope, just an e-mail to reset the password.  Came in on my private account too.

Should I be shaking in my boots?  Nah.  Whoever originally owned the account must have become bored with it.  I’m sure the anti-blog will go, “Aha!”

I don’t want anyone giving me an account that was never mine.  But it would be nice if someone gave me back our original Twitter.  Nah, the anti-blog likes having stolen it and then making fun of us for our private tweets on the new one (shouldn’t really be calling it new as I started it well over a year ago).

To KM,

You were never talking with anyone associated with this blog; just a dumb hacker.  But I’m sure you figured that out because as crazy as you are folks still say you’re a certifiable genius.

To SW,

I never called you that word.  It’s disgusting, a word that men love to use all the time and they think it’s sexy or something dumb.  I’m not saying the real owner was a man; for the longest time people thought Dee was a man until we found out he was really a she.


Glad to hear that you’re going to come after me.  Of course, that was five years ago and you’ve never made a move…or did you?  Were you the one that sent me that stupid note?

To NW,

Glad to hear you’re out, albeit a few years after the fact.  No, uninterested in holding it against you that you still have family inside.

To CC,

Still carrying a torch?  Give it up.  Life is much better when you accept certain things.

To the other casual inquiries,

I made it perfectly clear that I quit the group because security was breached and a current cadre was harassing former cadres.  I never rejoined, so don’t call me a hypocrite.  Even this strange and unknown account was never affiliated with the group.  If it was, well I’m sure one of the mods will be writing me but considering all the neatly organize file folders of correspondence and one lacking on that group…

I might not have the most time to devote to sending out an important message.  I find it when I can.  Don’t waste my time on games like this.


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