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October 10, 2011

Last week quiet but busy

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As some of you know, I belong to a variety of discussion forums.  With the exception of the lone spammer, correspondence concerning this blog has been bleak.

Yet other discussion forums are hustling with activity.  The holidays are coming and a big trigger for survivors.

So what is all the hullabaloo?

Standing in front of grocery stores hustling quarters just to try to keep on the lights…hoping people feel extra generous because you’re freezing your butt off and want to get inside before you get pneumonia.  (If you do get sick, you know there isn’t any real benefits plan that can save your ass.).

Actually, the forums I participate in are more concerned about the whole family thing.  The cult becomes the new family.  I recently found out that when one relative passed, a small trust was left me.  Of course I never saw it.  No, nothing like what the heiress received.  Very tiny.  Some kind of life insurance policy, just enough to water the roses probably.  Somebody got the money, not me.  More than likely the Organization swindled it without my even knowing.  Less likely but still a possibility is another relative got it.

Did you know that I am trying to feed 7 mouths right now?  That, of course, is an exaggeration that keeps getting promulgated on the apologist blog.  Cats, dogs, especially dogs, they love table scraps.  Dogs love to bark at strangers.  Despite the local break-in rates, I’ve been spared the problem.  Way to go, dogs!  Better than some electronic surveillance system but still go off for no apparent reason.

I’ve been wondering why the NATLFED groups don’t discuss the holidays.  I mean, really.  One of the forums I’m in is comprised of mostly former JW’s so I’m somewhat of an oddity.  Yet the folks have so much in common with me, going through the same or similar scenarios.  Another of the forums is mostly former Latters.  Talk about the super magical underwear!  What’s up with that?  Okay, so I don’t get it but think about the communal laundry situation and trying to grab undies from the crates in the women’s cubby before you got stuck with the “mystery” panties because there was nothing else left.  Considering the circumstances, maybe magical underwear isn’t so bad after all.

Another group deals with political groups but I’ve noticed they’re less about recovery and more about how to establish the DOP over the DOB, whining about how the Organization just screwed around, talking about Lyndon L’s group, even reminiscing about Patty / Tanya (is that how she spelled it?).

I sit here thinking about the quiet and the noisy.  Ex-cadres are definitely the weirdest bunch around.


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