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September 15, 2011

You never really know

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For some reason, I seem to enjoy a good book.  Silly me, books are things that people bothered to download from the internet.  I was yard sailing and picked up a couple of boxes, just bought them outright, and happened upon a Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  While not a required reading, it was an unofficial recommended reading in the Organization.

It reminded me that professors used to be active members in the Organization.  Every last one of them is gone now.  Most of them left, one died.

Professionals left too.  There’s still a few around.  I don’t count the disbarred as professionals, even if they are trying to get back into the bar.  For all of their hot air taking on high-profile labor cases, they couldn’t beat a check forgery scheme.  Some say the Old Man was responsible for seeing to it that they lost.  It’s no wonder that when three were finally released from prison, they decided not to bother returning.

I found an old poem that I wrote.  What’s it worth?  Only about $50.  Yes, an old competition way back in the ancient school days (really ancient) but it somehow made its way on the alma mater site credited to someone else.  I scanned it and sent it off, not looking for credit but looking to avoid discredit.  It’s amazing that I still had that old thing.

Things don’t always turn out the way you expect.  That’s okay.  I found that running around with a bull’s-eye on my back isn’t a lot of fun for anyone, least of all me, but that’s okay.  As long as it isn’t on other backs, then discussions can continue.  One person called me the bait; another person called me the cannon fodder.

There’s been a lot of recent curiosity about reconnecting.  You know I don’t give up my contacts.  Of course, Donna will tell you that I have a fanciful imagination and no one is being helped.  That’s fine too.  What’s most important is a recent exodus of burnt out and disillusioned cadres.  It seems as if every time another one walks out the door, I get the blame.


If you have followed this blog for the last several years, you undoubtedly have noticed differences in the earlier works as compared to the recent works.  There have been different moderators, even a different blog owner (someone else started this site, I just have the interest to continue it).

We used to put out a call for stories and yes, I still ask for them.  But it’s because of that bull’s-eye that Donna’s painting on backs that people are reluctant.  Fine.  Whatever.  Just remember that persons are leaving.  Recruitment is practically non-existent.  They only care about the money and how to get it along with property.

They’re jumping again, hoping that a new entity will somehow reinvigorate the burnt out movement.  I talked with a recently exited person who was somewhat fuzzy on the details.  Maybe the jump is all talk.  Jump teams are supposedly in four different locations.

There has also been a disfellowship between a Texas group and the Organization.  I guess someone couldn’t cut it as replacement business manager.  Certainly no support groups ever successfully formed, despite the highly lauded organizational methodology (you’ve got to actually do the work, not just sit back and hope something happens).  It’s a wonder the young recruit, now in his/her/its forties, made it so long in the group before giving it the heave-ho.

What can we do?  Not much, publicly at least.  Someone else called me a red herring, oh lookie over there instead of over here.  I’d much rather be a pink elephant — they at least get to have more fun.  (Younger audiences may not appreciate or understand that reference.  Sorry.).

It’s time to sign off for a while.  It’s a new day to make a difference somewhere, somehow, no matter how big or small, and just because it is the right thing to do.


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