The Truth About NATLFED

September 10, 2011

Everyone remembers something

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Just not exactly the same way as you.

I’ve been sifting through the e-mails in the junk box.  It’s hard to tell which ones are for real if any…but I found one that looks real, sounds real, probably is real…what the heck are we waiting for?

Certainly sounds like someone I used to know from the old RCSC group in Riverhead.  In this particular reference, RCSC is deliberate; the time having met this person was prior to the re-naming as JEC.  Never made much sense to me either, that a former Panther center ended up being run by a bunch of whiter than snow wannabes who got run the hell out of town by the man.  Must have been payback for IM Young.

It was an unpleasant contact for me although I’m sure the person didn’t mean for it to be so…just remembering how sick I was when I first met her but trying to be all tough and then puking my guts out.  Yuck!

I was reminded that there is more to life than the past.  You take what’s important and leave the rest behind.  Well, I thought I had left behind the unimportant stuff.  I guess we don’t have consensus on the definition of important.  I really don’t have any interest in talking with someone who used to beat the crap out of me (physically, emotionally and psychologically).  I hear this person is out of the Organization and looking for atonement for all the things she did to people while in the Organization.

And why is an old Suffolk person contacting me with this information?

Maybe I should have just clicked on the trashcan to permanently delete the spam instead of looking for something that might be for real.  Nah, this is more interesting.  Sooner or later that ex-cadre is going to make contact and I should be grateful that someone wanted to warn me about it.

Scrambled eggs for brains, anyone?


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