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September 10, 2011

Arm the torpedoes

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Quick, she’s using the keyboard — take her out, fellas.  Send her a jar gar vash e-mail and tell her she’s fat!

There’s nothing more daunting that walking around with a target on my back because that’s how the Organization likes to get you — in the back, the low blows, the frivolous law suits.

It’s nice to know who I’m dealing with.  After all, if 140 pounds is fat not healthy then they must like anorexic skeletons.  Okay, I could stand to lose about 10 pound but I just absolutely MUST have chocolate — gimme chocolate, more, more, oh no, the suction’s got me…

Really, Donna, is that the best you can do?  Let’s make a deal.  How about we both go on a diet.  You give up lard cakes that the PRO runs bring in and I’ll give up chocolate.

This is actually refreshing, knowing what’s going on and knowing the orders the apologist is under (to discredit this blog along with blog contributors, whatever it takes).

Throw the mud balls, pee on the lawn, when in doubt make up something because someone will believe it.


Is she gone yet?  Good.

Seriously, folks, I take a lot of garbage but I view it more like water rolling off a duck’s back.  It is unlikely that the Organization is going to go after you if you sit in the fetal position all day sucking your thumb.  The moment you start opening your mouth about what happened is when they will go after you.

They’ve been coming after me since 2001 (before this blog started) when I made the mistake of sharing discussions on the old Yahoo groups.  And you know, it never really stopped.  It might have quieted for a few months.

I love it when someone tells me I have a profile on some site.  I went to one such profile and it’s been around for 8 years.  I guess I’m very popular on this website.  Oops, there goes that sarcasm again — it isn’t my profile.

Have you ever Googled yourself?  Seriously, type in your own name.  I feel sorry for the 97 persons who have the same name as me (maybe more but I got tired of looking after page 76) because golly gee they’re being accused of being me.

Have fun, Donna, going after all those innocents.  I’m thinking you’ve got nothing better to do…oh wait, you’re supposed to be organizing the great big progressive change (you like me using the aesophian or would you prefer I just say revolution).  Get a job.


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