The Truth About NATLFED

September 4, 2011

Just let me cross over

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Just let me cross over to labor’s side
The lines, they are drawn — the battle is wide
The old federation has taken a stand
The Alliance for Labor is sweeping the land

It’s Labor Day weekend and some triggers inspire this posting.  How many former insiders and current cadres (we know you’re reading this) remember this chorus?

The message of crossing over means joining up with the Organization, not just with NATLFED (one fraction of the Organization).  The notion of lines being drawn and a wide battle indicated at the time organized labor’s moving into the unrecognized strata.  Service worker union organizing was on the move, farm worker union organizing was starting to expand out of California, even caregivers.  It was the mid-1980s and the Organization took a position that unions were abandoning the AFL – CIO.

The Alliance for Labor was a reference to the Labor II fraction taking a hegemonic position in the fight.  Now, I seriously doubt many people are away of the Alliance for Labor and in speaking with a couple of recently exited cadres they certainly weren’t aware.  It died, more than likely, with the Old Man.

There’s more to this song.  I don’t know if they still have “sings” as morale events.  Certainly not like the old days where a sing would go on for days at a time with legendary poker games and all that.  The local entities pretty much don’t do that anymore and cadres have to find ways to keep themselves motivated.  I haven’t talked to any recent administrative ex-cadres, so it’s hard to say.

I’m curious if others even care about this song, written by and for the Organization.


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