The Truth About NATLFED

August 28, 2011

Rob from the rich, don’t give to the poor

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Oldie used to joke around about robbing from the rich because the poor ain’t got nothing worth stealing.  Wild fantasies about fleecing the rich, he often recounted various schemes including the very early days when cadres robbed banks to financially get the Organization off of the ground.

There’s nothing noble in this like Robin Hood who gave to the poor.  The entities are constantly impoverished because of their requirements to support the administrative entities as well as other operations.  I’m sure someone will be crying and whining this is just a bunch of BS.  Why?  Does he/she/it want people to give money to their local front organization so the front can keep sending it to national?

What makes the Organization more heinous is that it robs from both rich and poor.  Several local entities have resorted to forcing members to pay annual dues when coming in for benefits.  Are they so hard up that they have to fleece someone trying to feed his or her family out of another $7.44?  No wonder they can’t keep the lights on in Bellport (never mind the damn hurricane).

Drive a stake through my heart, I’m such an evil person warning people to stay away from a dangerous cult.  That’s why he/she/it enjoys trashing me, because he/she/it wants me to shut up so I’m one less voice in the night that says stay away.  He/she/it wants to recruit YOU to the secret party.


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