The Truth About NATLFED

August 27, 2011

A new target of opportunity named Irene

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That’s what NATLFED calls natural disasters — targets of opportunities.  They’re not part of the strategy, just situations that come along that can be used to help further the strategy if utilized correctly.

You can say good night, Irene, but NATLFED front organizations will be organizing relief efforts.  Monies will go to pay the bills and whatever’s left goes to the national office.  Food and clothing will probably reach some members.  Volunteers will come in the door to work on relief efforts but eventually become disillusioned when they see that poverty is just too overwhelming.  Political commissars will attempt to violate status from volunteer to cadre.

True, a very simplistic point of view.  Someone’s got to say it though and it may as well be us.  The front organizations will try to bleed as much as they can from communities to keep the safehouse operations going, to fund business operations that rely on “donated labor” to make a profit, to buy things that don’t get donated like the jewels and furs that the leaders enjoy.

If you hear about their campaigns, feel free to drop a note.  Warn others.


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