The Truth About NATLFED

May 31, 2011

A tiresome task

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There are no more days of figuring out the various cliques that comprise the former cadre communities.  A private clique member has contacted me to “rat out” discussions going on in private forum(s) where I know re-posting of such discussions is against the rules.  But that doesn’t stop some people who are “above it all”.

Don’t tell me what’s going on in a Yahoo group that I deliberately withdrew from at least three or four years ago.  NATLFED apologists do infiltrate such groups and security goes to rot.  It’s no wonder that many former cadres avoid participation in such forums.  Thanks to my past participation in the Yahoo group for former/current cadres, NATLFED saw fit to harass me by sending me pitches, sample letters, even calling me on the phone in an effort to retread.

You can talk all you want, speculate about whatever, I don’t care.  What goes on in that forum is none of my business.  And since you’re admittedly not a moderator, just who the hell do you think you are?  I don’t think your claims are as extreme as you make them out to be.  If the group is discussing me, they certainly have better things to do and must be snoozing at the notion of talking about me.  Let them instead discuss the apologist who is running around discrediting any former cadre who dares speak up about the Organization.

This is not an invitation for one of the moderators to contact me.  Security is your problem, not mine, so ferret out the loose lips on your own.


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