The Truth About NATLFED

May 29, 2011

Ramblings of a crazy woman

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I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Internet lately, very little of which has been centered on cults.  This has to do with my personal growth and development.  For so long, I’ve been wondering what else I can offer readers.

After all, I certainly put up with a lot of crap from the apologists.

We’ve talked about a variety of things, especially how innocent the initial contact may appear.  Some people never get beyond that seemingly innocent purpose that the front organizations use as a shield.  When all else fails, retreat into the safety of the benefits program – deliver the food, distribute the clothes, talk a good talk about a self help organization.

Why all the talk?  The fight that is talked about comes across as vague and based upon ancient victories.  As far as this blog’s readers are concerned, we share a different premise.  It matters more for us to serve as a lighthouse to warn ships away from the dangerous rocks.

There is no united front when it comes to researching NATLFED.  You talk or e-mail one person and you get that person’s particular perspective on the subject.  He or she might even refer you to others who were there.  It is the disorganization of the former cadres that sometimes hinders getting out the word about the Organization.

I’m certain that someone will disagree. 

As for my recent research, I’m glad to say it is more for me than anything else.  As others are disinclined to publicly vocalize their thoughts, I will continue producing periodic opinion pieces.  There is no single expert on the subject matter.  There are trusted voices.

The Reconnection Railroad is a pitiful success.  One person did not approve of the recent reorganization of the group, which is just a mere stop.  The train pulls in to the station, you get what you need, and then you’re sent off on your way.  There are no lengthy discussions.

I’ll continue with other research for a while.  The spoons article will just need to keep sitting in draft status for a while longer because I’m stuck.  The e-mail correspondence that started the article has gone cold.

Someone once wrote and said, “More people will know the truth.”  Yes indeed.


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