The Truth About NATLFED

May 1, 2011

Dear TV

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Dear TV,

I am very sorry that you ended up on probation for your involvement in the MM charade but that wasn’t a very nice thing to do.  Pulling in your wife to help you wasn’t very smart.

Do you realize how many people were running around trying to help you?  You show absolutely no regret.  Now you want my forgiveness?  Why?  I’m not the one who took you to court; I don’t give a damn what someone else says.

I’m not one to trust so easily because of your little stunt.  I’m angry.  What did you do?  You thought it was funny.  You thought you were being a good little Samaritan.  And credibility went down the toilet.

I’m shocked and amazed that you’d even bother writing me but more so that you’re doing so at a time when someone is impersonating blog moderators.  Are you really you?  Or did some jerk finally figure out who you are and now he’s giving you the same high holy hell he’s giving others?

I seriously doubt I can ever trust you.  Maybe some day but not today.


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