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April 30, 2011

For my own sanity

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There’s no doubt that I’m seen as a weak link, someone struggling with some issues and working through them as best I can.  As I sit here, I do feel somewhat alone.  Those who I trusted have moved on, afraid of all the BS.

That’s okay.

Yes, it seems to be time in the pattern that is the cycle of someone who likes to stir up trouble.  Every three months.  You can practically set your calendar to it.

The Organization deeply believes in the we versus them mindset.  What happens when someone blurs the lines?  It’s about mistrust, you see.  Someone recently contacted me and mentioned how his loyalty was constantly questioned.


That’s a classic method for controlling cadres, by the way.

When first joining, there is the honeymoon phase.  You feel a great sense of belonging to something important and they want you there.  No matter what the hours or the work, you want to do your all.  “New blood”.

At some point you get asked to do something that just doesn’t seem right, or perhaps you get sick and need some rest but you’re called counter-revolutionary.  You question, perhaps even go at it (verbally) in a group meeting, something just goes and the honeymoon is over.

By this time, you’re in deep.  You’ve been told the cops will go after you.  You might even believe it’s okay to flaunt minor laws as a perverse way of civil disobedience.  I remember one cadre who thought it a great way to show disrespect to the enemy by parking in handicapped spots without a placard.

The re-education process begins.  Mind you, everyone in the Organization undergoes it at some point.  Some used to use the revolving door method to protest certain decisions.  I hear Margaret has put an end to that (does it apply to her family, I wonder).

There comes more, the various forms of abuse.  It’s all about breaking down your will, conditioning you to do as instructed by whoever does the instruction.  Sometimes even that went wrong, as in the case of the PC who ended up with his own harem of women, and someone even higher up had to intervene.

If you didn’t leave or were thrown out, it meant the cycle started up again with a honeymoon period eventually leading up to re-education and abusive situations.

That’s why a fair number of former cadres are “damaged” persons.  Even the most rational have their sufferings.  They just do it more quietly and conservatively.

I clearly recognize the abusive signs within the recent e-mails and comments from someone opposed to this personal weblog.  No matter how many times you say it, however, I know who I am.  Someone once accused me of tracking IP addresses.  I hate to say it, but no matter what blog you post a comment on, your IP is automatically tracked and displayed for the moderator.

Someone has been trying to post comments using the names of known former cadres and even using their e-mail addresses (not caring if those addresses are currently active).  This someone is trying to get my attention.


Nobody cares.  The only ones who care are myself and the poser.  I dare not even give this person status as hacker, which is was I erroneously assumed at first.  If this person was who he claimed to be, all he has to do is log in and start moderating this blog along with the rest of us.  THEN I would respect him as a hacker.


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