The Truth About NATLFED

April 10, 2011

Link to 20 secret signs of addiction

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I was reading this article and remembered several cadres who suffered from various addictions.  Some say the Organization made addicts; others say addicts just found a way to adapt to the organizational lifestyle.

This differs from those who were used to help support addicts, the enablers, the ones sent to doctors with vague symptoms in an attempt to obtain prescriptions for certain medications that could be abused.

Addiction was not as widespread as some would have you think.  It was more like the exception than the rule, but it did exist.  In corresponding with a former cadre who left a couple of years ago, he commented that addiction was rampant.  The trick was to hide it; if you were found out then you were made an example of, watched constantly and eventually abandoned to the streets if you didn’t at least pretend to clean up.

I don’t know if that’s true; it was something told to me.  You can’t organize if you’re under the influence.  Addiction problems existed more at administrative offices or entities that suffered lone cadre situations.  In the post-raid 1980s there were several entities staffed by loners, merely existing for the sake of existing.  One in Massachusetts suffered a wide range of problems.  A couple at least tried an honest effort and were denigrated, humiliated, confused with contradictory orders, etc.

I’ll quit rambling.


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