The Truth About NATLFED

March 13, 2011

Past, present and future

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It’s been a rough time lately for me.  Dee continues to stalk me.  Someone contacted me about the stuff he’s writing on his blog.  He knows I don’t bother reading his blog.

It’s curious that he’s opted to make his postings after I warned readers that front organizations are trying to raise money taking advantage of the recent tsu nami tragedy.  Now all of a sudden I’m in NATLFED.  Everyone knows that isn’t true, especially Margaret.

If you are contacted by any of the front Organizations trying to raise money or procure resources supposedly to help tsu nami victims, think again.  Some might see a few clothes, perhaps a couple of breads of crumb.

Stay away from NATLFED.

Dee, you’re invited to be a moderator.  It’s time that this feud stop.  If you’re really against NATLFED, you shouldn’t have any objections.


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