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March 12, 2011

Raising money

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Two entities are raising money and procuring resources to “help” tsu nami victims in Crescent City and Santa Cruz.  Without a doubt, not a dime will go to victims.  Perhaps some meager resources like clothes or food will actually help someone.

This is a good example of what the Organization calls a target of opportunity — a situation arises that the Organization can take advantage of to suit its needs on a temporary basis.  They know not to rely on such events for long-term sustainability.  It’s almost like getting a Vitamin B12 shot, a temporary boost to the immune system.

I’m tempted to suggest more than two entities are fundraising but I don’t know.  It is likely that all the California fronts are engaged in this target of opportunity.  I only know one California and one Oregon front.

This is a situation where they don’t have to do much.  They mention the tsu nami, say they’re providing relief and people will be inclined to assist because of the high level of devastation.

At a minimum, ten percent of what they raise goes to support the national office.  This might also be a time when entities are encouraged to “catch up” if they have fallen behind on their ten percent obligation, to send in more.

One might not see the ability of east coast fronts joining in so easily, but there have been campaigns in the past where relief was airlifted cross-country.

I’m keeping an ear to the ground.  If you hear of anything, feel free to drop a note.


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