The Truth About NATLFED

January 17, 2011

Watch the wheel not the girl

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I think people realize the difference between this personal weblog’s moderators and the various fake profiles that Dee Tee Eff is setting up around the web again.

Yes, watch the wheel not the girl.  It’s very sound advice if you’re playing Dabo.  Keep an eye on NATLFED and what they’re doing.  Or perhaps even better, what they’re not doing.

There has been an absolute lack of news coverage recently.  Those considering joining are walking away because of what they are reading on the web in various forums.

Dee — quit watching me, spying, cyberstalking, background checking, downloading credit checks, etc. etc.  Look at NATLFED.  Look at what they are doing/not doing.  If you really are someone who was never in NATLFED, you would stop wasting your time with me.  People think you’re in NATLFED because you stalk, harass, impersonate, in other words you fulfill the organization’s threat to persecute people for leaving.  That’s why they think you’re full of it.



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