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January 1, 2011

Personal Messages moving to Posts

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We are moving the Personal Messages page to the posts section.  From now on, replies to e-mails will appear as postings instead of a dedicated page.  Previous replies are below.


Posting 10/31/10

A message for Consta-Bull:

I appreciate your twisted sense of humor.  The difference between our Mary and the one on Twitter is very simple: our Mary has not been in the Organization for quite a number of years but the one on Twitter is a current cadre trying to discredit this blog.

I am, of course, completely off my rocker.  😉  It is all a matter of semantics, of course.  Sorry, I am not smart enough to code different smilies, just the regular and the winking.

You are free to contact the other Mary, someone I am fairly certain I know but then again I can never be 100% certain.  If your e-mail does not come back daemon, I will consider ongoing communications.

It is up to you.

Posting 10/23/10

My apologies, V, for not responding sooner.  I have not spoken directly with Mary in two weeks, so I am unable to get you an answer.  If it were up to me, I would say yes — but I am not the sole owner of the material in question.  True, I had a hand in it.

I hope you can recognize this message is for you.  I have chosen not to directly respond to your e-mail, at least not at this time.  My computer keeps acting like it is infected with something even though various security softwares say it is clean.  I might very well need to just nuke the computer and start over (wipe it and reload my stuff).

Posting 10/22/10

This message is for Rainbow.  It is less important how you found the blog; more important that you found it.  Perhaps I am crazy — just as crazy as the others who hone in on such a topic of limited interest.

Yes, many people say they see no harm in working with ESWA because they are giving out free food and clothing.  More people are in need during this tanked economy.  It is what happens behind the scenes that concerns the primary blog audience.

If you feel that I am too crazy, too insane for your logical sense of being, this begs the question: why would you want to get involved with an Organization that turns people crazy?

Posting 10/02/10

This message is for any who care.  My apologies for not being active of late.  It has been a time filled with trauma and duress.  I have some things to take care of for a while but will be active soon.

Originally posted 09/25/10

A message for a supposed former cadre:

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If you are who I think you are, then you have the message loud and clear.

Originally posted 09/18/10

I received a rather curious communication from a person who was never in NATLFED, never even heard of it or any of its affiliates but has been doing a lot of research lately.  Why?  It appears this person has several social networking profiles (Facebook, Myspace, Digg and a few others) and has been “identified” as a former NATLFED adherent because his/her first and last name happens to be the same as someone who was in NATLFED.

I cannot fully imagine what this person must be feeling, receiving hateful e-mails about stealing away someone’s loved one.  This person is totally clueless, literally.

It is simply a part of the new “underground” network, where NATLFED apologists attempt to locate former members on the web to begin a campaign of harassment.  In this effort, they have misidentified one person and care little of the ramifications.

How many of you have had your e-mail accounts phished lately?  Or perhaps even been victim of a recent computer hack?  This too is part of the modus operandi of the new network, with IP addresses tracing to California.  I even found a fake profile supposedly belonging to me on Digg, which I had to report and finally managed to get deleted.

Such things are relatively minor in the scope of things.  More people are recognizing the red flags of affiliation with NATLFED (I am sure some of you got the double-meaning).

Originally posted 09/11/10

A message for “Anonymouse”

I appreciate your sense of humor.  What I need most is a helper on the blog.  I have been trying to work on it alone for a while.  If you have a story you want to tell, I will make you a contributor.

Originally posted 09/10/10

A message for “Lucky Strike”:

My apologies for the delay in responding to your message.  I am but one person with many issues.

Yes, I knew your father.  He suffered Type I Diabetes and had a drinking problem.  He used to work as part of the superintendent team, a competent handyman when sober.  The reference to his brand of cigarettes almost threw me, as that was one of the brands that Oldie used to smoke.  Your father averaged two packs a day.

I do not know where he might be; it was many years ago that I knew him.  He was one who chose to leave in the middle of the night. 

When people left, there was always some sort of explanation or “party line” as to the reason.  So-and-so was an anarchist, Trot, just could not handle the responsibilities of the revolution, simply liked getting laid instead of doing hard work, etc.  With your father, his departure was often attributed to his drinking problem rather than politics.

I have not heard from or about him since he left.  I have been trying to remember just how long ago that was, sometime before Oldie became so sick he needed IV’s and such.  Working out of NOC, cadres sometimes lost touch with a sense of passage of time except for the weekly routine.

Originally posted 08/29/10

A Message For Christian:

There are no magical sites to visit to help someone reconnect with a loved one lost to a cult.  Many former NATLFED cultists are reluctant to share information about someone you might be looking for because (let us be blatantly honest) we do not know who the hell you are just by a seemingly innocent e-mail.

The tactic of pretending to be someone looking for a family member continues to be a favorite ruse by current NATLFED cadres and apologists so they can screw around with the ex-members.  You see, they are still IN the Organization and enjoy playing games.

I was only part of one reconnection and even still it was an extremely minimal role.  This does not “even the score”, recruit one in/help one escape.  There is nothing to brag about, as others played a far greater part in the effort.  As much as I would like to help someone who is sincerely trying to find someone, there are just too many others out there who like to pretend they are looking for a lost relative.

Perhaps I am becoming jaded.  If you are for real, I humbly beg your forgiveness.  If you are another one of the current cadres surfing the web looking for a good time screwing around with the ex-members, I take it that is how you are going to make the great revolution (did you get the sarcasm?).

You might want to try the NATLFED 2 Yahoo group, which allows persons who were never in the Organization to sign up and follow discussions.  I do not know how active they are; my own Yahoo group is purposed toward improving this blog, and it has been inactive for a while.

There may be other strategies you could employ.  John Knapp has a decent website and seems interested in helping — for a fee, of course, as he is a professional.  I am just a flunky behind a keyboard typing whatever comes into my head.

Good luck.


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