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January 1, 2011

More on Family – A Personal Reply

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Dear Un-named,

 You say your job caused you to move to Minnesota, and the last you heard your loved one was last working with the Boston group.  Is there a chance he/she is out?  Your loved one probably has no idea how to get a hold of you. 

I have heard the criticisms, too.  When someone is finally out, usually he/she is unable to just pick up a phone and call someone.  Those allowed ties with families were due to circumstances of practicality (the family had money, status, ties to the leftist movement, etc.).  In other words, the Organization hopes/d to get something out of it.

You can try what another family member did and call the office under a ruse of having met your loved one on a bucket drive or something.  I am unfamiliar with grocery stores in the Boston area, so I would suggest checking White Pages dot com.  Even though many of the entities had a horrible time with their seasonal activities, they had people in front of a lot of stores.

Another piece of free advice: do not hire any private investigator unless you verify their licensing.  One relative has already been duped out of money she could not afford.  There are some vampires out there who will prey upon the desperate.  I apologize if you feel slighted by this.

This personal weblog offers two Yahoo groups for discussions.  Both are inactive at the moment.  The main group was created to discuss blog articles but instead the lookie-loos joined wanting to keep an ear to the ground.  There were other issues, so we finally kicked out everyone and asked for serious contributors only to join.

The secondary group was created for people like you.  I have observed, however, people are reluctant to join because of the problems with the Yahoo groups being infiltrated by current cadres intent on scrambling brains for breakfast.  You can join or not.

Best of luck.


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